Friday, June 11, 2010

Marleen-We got up really early and headed out

of Burwash landing. What a day for seeing animals! Not too far out of Burwash landing we spotted Elk running across the road and when I slowed down we realized they were right next to the car too. Don't know that I've ever seen elk except the dead one that used to hang on the wall at the Elks club! Any way that was really cool and then
Cadi said that she would like to see a bear. I prayed that we would see a bear sometime on our trip and low and behold one showed up less than 30 minutes later. He crossed the road in front of us and I drove up slowly. Got about 10yards away and he just stood there munching on grass or something there by the side of the road. Very awesome! As we drove away Cadi said, Wow, God is fast!" That was even more awesome!
We stopped in Whitehorse and had an ice cream cone for our second breakfast! Didn't spend time there but headed on down the highway. We stopped at nice little campground at Teslin and threw together a lunch out of stuff in the cooler and food box. There was a lovely little stream running right around our campsite. We drove on and arrived in Watson Lake around 4:00. The cabin at the Cozy Nest is perfect for us. Right on the lake with the sauna, a bar-b-que, fire pit, and just lovely peace and quiet! We ran back into town for dinner, stopped at the sign post forest and the visitor center. They had a really interesting film on the building of the ALCAN, a gallery of photos and displays, and lots of reading material and maps for our journey.
So now we are relaxing after our sauna, watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and catching up on email and stuff

Tomorrow we are heading to Liard Hot Springs and then on down the road.

One more thing I forgot. We decided to rename the GPS Rita Calculating. She seems to like to say recalculating recalculating. Doesn't like the little side trips we seem to make down random dirt roads!

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