Monday, June 28, 2010

Josi says...

I don’t have much to say. Ummm. We’re at Wanda and Buds house watching a movie. The first impression of their house is dust, spiders, spider webs, cobwebs, miscellaneous bugs, and a 2-inch-long-1 ½-inch-wide-beetle-that-won’t-go-into-the-cup-like-we-want-it-to bug. Ewwwww… But then again when we got settled it was great! Anyway we came up to the driveway and guess what greeted us? A deer! And then at dinner (of chicken, bread and grapes), we saw a turkey with a bunch of its babies! Wow! So, nothing more to say.
(Hi Mrs. VanDyck! :-)


  1. Hi Josi, and the rest of the traveling band of Cordovans. Love the Redwood pics. We went to a Redwoods grove on our honeymoon 28 yrs ago. Very impressive.
    I am off to California to see Jeff's mom; she isn't feeling well. I am looking forward to the sun. We sure haven't had much of that in awhile.
    Tally-ho and Happy Trails.
    Sandy aka Mrs. Van Dyck

  2. Sorry to hear about Jeff's mom. Hope all goes well.