Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marleen Says-

I think Cadi told you a lot about our time at Priest Lake. RELAXING! We drove up from Spokane on Friday afternoon and arrived at the cabin early evening. The first morning there Cadi and I woke up to a glorious sunrise. We just laid in our beds and watched through the wall of windows in the "cabin". Then we spent the rest of the day on and around the lake. The kids played in the paddle boat and Doug took us for about an hour tour of the lake in his boat. Good thing we had on the sunscreen! Later after dinner The girls went with Ryan in his boat. You could hear their screams of joy. I decided I could handle the speed so I went next. What a blast! We even got Wanda in the boat too...
This morning we headed out from Priest Lake and headed to Moscow. The Palouse region seems just the same. Miles and miles of rolling wheat fields, but once we arrived in Moscow the familiarity was gone. Nothing seems the same except a few places on campus of the U of I. Moscow has more than doubled in size since I went there. After a short time in Moscow we drove up through Troy, Deary, and on to Boville. Wanda showed us around her old home town, but again, not much was the same. We did find the house my parents lived in and Wanda's childhood house. After Boville we headed through Kenewick and arrived in Lewiston around 5:30. We just ordered pizza delivered to out hotel and we are now relaxing. Cadi hasn't been feeling very well, so I'm hoping that another night of sleep and Chinese cough medicine might help her turn the corner.

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