Monday, June 14, 2010

Cadi Says...

Well, we are in Lake Louise and Mom says tomorrow night, we will be in Spokane. I was just trying to find TLC on the TV, but it doesn't seem that they have that channel here. Today we saw four black bears. When we were watching one, some crazy people (one car license plate said California) decided to GET OUT OF THEIR CAR to watch the bear. Now, us Alaskans know bear country and are smart enough to know that you NEVER get out of a car to watch a bear. Bears can run up to 35 mph so you can't out run them. Go figure. Anyways, I saw another license plate that said British Columbia and the people in that car were staying INSIDE their car. Us Canadians and Alaskans probably know bears a lot better than Californians, so I'm sorry if I offended any Californians out there.
Anyways, I discovered a new addition to the games on Minute to Win it (if any of you watch that show). If any of you haven't, Minute to Win It is a game show where you use common household items to complete tasks in one minute. After passing one task, you win money and go on to a harder one. As you complete each task, you win more money. You try to get all the way up to one million dollars. So today as we were waiting for our meal in McBride, I decided to entertain myself by catapulting a ketchup pack off of a fork. It's pretty fun if you ever try it! Mom asked if I could hit a napkin, like a landing pad. After completing that, she asked if I could get the ketchup pack into my glass of water. I tried a couple times, but failed. A little while later, I decided to launch my ketchup over my glass of water, over the salt and pepper shakers, across the table to hit Josi. I launched the pack into the air and PLOP! It landed right into my glass of water. We all burst out landing. Wanda moved her glass of water, just in case. I decided to see if I could do it again. Right off the bat, the ketchup pack veered waaaaay to the right to land right in WANDA'S glass! WHAT LUCK! Again, we all BURST out laughing. You should try it some time!

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