Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day one Adventures

Well, we made the most remarkable podcast about our first day, but i can't figure out how to get it to upload! It all made perfect sense last week in class!
So I will try to remember what we said...
our day actually started last night at 9:3o with the ferry trip to Valdez. We got into Valdez and started driving at 3:00 am. We stopped to look at the waterfalls right out of Valdez and then started heading over Thompson pass. We ended up going through some really heavy fog which slowed us down a little. The sun stared rising before 4:00 and it was breathtaking! We continue on into Tok and arrive about 9:00. Had a great breakfast, gassed up and headed toward the Canadian border. When we got there we managed to find out passports (Wanda!) and then we stopped at the Beaver Creek Visitor center. When we got there we found out that they were celebrating their 10th birthday just like Josi! So she got to pretend it was her birthday cake.
The drive after the border was pretty slow because of the road conditions. Really huge frost heaves. Wanda didn't appreciate my speed over a couple of the bumps. As she read the warning to me from the milepost she said, "Hey if it's written in red either Jesus Christ or the Milepost said it and you need to pay attention!" That is our quote for the day. I'm sure we'll have at least one quote for the day.
At one spot we had to sit and wait for awhile and wait for a pilot car to lead us through construction. They moved a man on a very cool motorcycle with a side car. Good thing Wanda was driving at the time because there wasn't anyone riding on the sidecar and she was ready to defect! I managed to keep her in the car, Buddy...
We got into Burwash Landing about 3:00. 468 miles today.It felt a little more like midnight, but we forced ourselves to have a very early dinner, and to stay up. It's now 8:00. Two of the party have faded away and Josi and I are just getting ready to turn out the light. Our plan is to get up early and to hit the road. Hoping to make Watson Lake tomorrow 442 miles. Don't know if we will have internet access tomorrow as we're staying in a cabin...Later.

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