Monday, June 28, 2010

Cadi Says...

Okay, I’m not the biggest fan of spiders so this house had, like Josi’s, not the best impression. But later, I got settled in and it was all fine. Today we are going to a Redwood forest. Ever since I did a presentation on California in like the 4th/3rd grade, it’s like ‘huh, that would be kind of a cool thing to see a really big tree with a big trunk and big branches and that was red colored’. When I get there, I’m going to go to the first tree I see and wrap my arms as far as they will reach around it. Weird huh?
P.S. If Chandelle, since you OBVIOUSLY don’t check you email, I might as well post this on the blog, this is what you get, public announcement, sorry buddy. I miss going to the lake with you, I miss jumping on the trampoline with you, and just screwing around! It’s kinda nice when you have someone around to talk and laugh with, and when they are gone, it’s kinda like a part of you is gone. You are like an antique or a best friend, irreplaceable. Sorry for all that mushy stuff you KNUCKLEHEAD. By the way, I left a message on your home phone. .

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