Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wanda says...The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good-Great little cabin on Watson Lake. I, being Wanda, get the top single bunk and can manage to get into it without a ladder. Everyone in the room is impressed. Good night’s sleep. Morning arrives and I get my swimsuit on with 3 inches of head room and I AM BAD! The hot springs are the next stop and I Am READY. Now you would think what can get herself up can also get herself down. Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t always go as planned. Quick, flip onto my stomach, legs over the side. Look out, here I come. Oops. Why were my legs long enough to go up, but not come down? OH I GET IT…my boobs are still hung up on the top bunk and no amount of kicking and screaming Help will allow my stretched out tippy toes to connect with anything solid. Just me and my wedgie hanging off the bunk. As I yelled Good Lord my boobs are hung up, HELP! He did come to my rescue and gave me the strength to kick so hard I jumped myself off the top and came tumbling down. I’m OK. I’m OK (at least after I got my swimming suit back where it was meant to be!)
The moral of this true life story is if you ever find yourself in a similar situation and your traveling companions happen to be a family of laughing hyenas, call out to your heavenly Father for help. The hyenas are no help at all!

Marleen and Cadi- So sorry we didn’t get the photograph, but we were laughing so hard (and trying to not wet our pants) that we didn’t get to the camera!


  1. Heehee - I could just picture all of that so clearly with that vivid description!

  2. Hilarious Wanda. You described it so well, almost too well.

  3. Okay, we have never met, but I wouldn't have laughed (honest). I would have helped you (honest). Thank you for sharing such a great story!

  4. you know its funny when it spontaneously makes you howl with laughter! Sounds like you ladies are having a grand adventure. Cadi, I was feeling for you on the rough road!