Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sitting here this morning...

writing this as I listen to three other people snore away the morning. On my way to the outhouse this morning I discovered it had rained a bit in the night. The wind that came up last night has subsided and it is flat calm now. Watched a float plane take off from the lake last night. It would be nice to have a house here on the lake with a float plane at my boat dock. I slept like a rock again last night. Don't know if the beds are more comfortable in the Yukon or if I'm just really tired! Thought I would go ahead and post pictures of the place we are staying. Feels a bit like we're camping in the woods, but much more comfortable!




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  1. Looks like my kind of camping. Glad you are having a wonderful trip.
    BTW,Prize winning blog is an example of figurative language, which is a concept taught in 4th grade Marleen.