Sunday, June 20, 2010

MArleen Says-

It’s good to be in the same place for a couple of days. Aunt Helen has a very comfortable bed and I’ve been teasing her that I may stay until Thanksgiving when all the other relatives show up! Our day from Lake Louise to Spokane was pretty uneventful. Definitely not in the wild part of Canada anymore, but it is funny that the Spokane valley is the place that I almost ran out of gas. Thankfully the GPS told us where we could get gas. We went past the house where my grandma lived and it was fun to see that it looks well loved and taken care of. We went past Wanda’s old house too and it looks great too. Love the tree lined streets and thankfully it’s not too hot here. It’s actually raining here. Who knew that Spokane would be rainy in June.
Our second day in Spokane we went to see my Uncle Ray. Haven’t seen him in a very long time. He looks great and it was wonderful to catch up on old times. Then we had dinner with my cousin and his wife. This is also the time when we decided to stay the weekend and go to their cabin at Priest Lake. Our next morning we headed downtown to Riverfront Park. This is where the Expo was held. They have really kept up this part of Spokane and we had a great time down at the park. We went on the skytram which goes right over Spokane Falls and then spent most of the rest of our time there in the park that has all the rides.

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