Saturday, June 12, 2010

Marleen Says...

Left Watson Lake around 9:00 and had a day full of animals. When the Milepost says that Buffalo will be on the road, they aren't kidding! Both of the girls were snapping photos. I have been taking very few photos and they have been busily taking some awesome shots! I did take one shot today of two butts as they had their heads stuck out of the same window taking pictures of the buffalo right across from Liard Hot Springs. We had a lovely soak in the hot springs, but they were almost too hot! We have to find a swimsuit for Josi too as shorts and a shirt just aren't the same.
The area we traveled through today Watson Lake to Ft. Nelson is definitely more rugged and it makes you think about the men who built this highway during the war. Amazingly they completed the highway in only 8 months. The scenery is spectacular and the abundance of wildlife near the road is so exciting.
Like Cadi said we are nestled in at the Super 8 tonight. Our clothes are washed, they had an hour and a half of pool time, we had a great meal at Boston Pizza right next to the hotel and now I am spending the last few minutes of my day the same way I started...listening to the quiet snoring of 3 tired people in my room. Tomorrow we head to Dawson City.


  1. Dawson Creek...Dawson City is on the Eagle road...just keeping you on track in case your gps is askew") b

  2. Yep, that's what i meant...We bypassed it anyway...