Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cadi says...

I don't really feel like blogging. I'm just in shock. . .
Well these last couple days were fun. We went to Melba and stayed with Deb and Bob Lens. Josi and I discovered pool, and became pool sharks. We rode a horse that was also named Bob. In Deb's BEAUTIFUL garden, I found a mother bird on a nest with one or two tiny chicks. They were so cute! Today, we drove to Bend and stayed in the Super 8. Outside the door, waaay up on the roof was also a bird nest with two larger chicks begging for food from their parents. It was funny. . . until we came home from dinner. When we arrived from dinner we heard one chick hopping on the ground, helpless. The other lay dead, on the ground next to it. . . I really wanted to just pick it up and raise it and take care of it. The poor bird. . . I almost guarantee that that poor little bird will die. I think I will cry. . . :( :( :( :( The little bird was still squawking and hopping around, wondering what happened. . .Oq

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