Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cadi says...WASSUP?

WASSUP PPLS? Sorry we haven't been keeping up with the blog. . .we've been REALLY busy!
Well, last week we went to Seattle and picked up our cousin Seth, who's going to a wrestling camp. We picked him up and stayed at the Comfort Inn. The next day we went to the Pike Street Market where we saw a magic show and TONS of people selling their food or arts and crafts. We also went on the Duck Ride, you've probably heard of it. It's a bus/boat! It drives around the city as a tour, and then we just glide into the water! We had some technical difficulties though, our propeller wouldn't work! We had some guy come and try to fix it, but he just managed to loose his $500 sunglasses down into the bilge. Eventually, another duck came to the rescue and the man got his sunglasses back. The captains were HILARIOUS! They wore all these weird hats, from a hat with ducks with flapping wings, to a red white and blue hat (it was the 4th of July) with hands waving pom poms! It was great! While we were on the water, we saw a house that was in the making of Sleepless in Seattle. Never watched that movie. . .Anyway, later we drove to Ellensburg and watched the BEAUTIFUL fireworks from a window inside the hotel. The next day, we dropped off Seth at his camp, and drove to Bend where Carrie, Clint, Marcus, and Keegan Burleigh live, our cousins. We stayed there with their dog Bruno for a couple of days. Then, we set off for Portland, taking Marcus with us. Marcus, Delleen, and part of the Marleau family are going to The Lion King! I WISH I COULD GO! I saw it already and it's GREAT! I encourage you to go if you can!

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