Friday, July 2, 2010

Cadi Says...

We are in Gresham now, staying with aunt Delleen. On our first day, we went to the library to sign up for the Summer Reading program. Later, we went to the Marleau’s new house for dinner. Their house is HUGE! It has three floors, including the basement. There is like a whole ranch house in the basement. The next day, we spent 5 hours in the Clackamas mall. We saw Toy Story 3 and went shopping for clothes. It was REALLY fun. Day 3, we went and saw Knucklehead #1, Dennis Ball and his wife Sue. Well, in Priest Lake, I discovered Doug Ball, Dennis’ brother, was a knucklehead. When we saw Dennis, I told him about how Doug and I teased each other and Dennis made it clear that HE was Knucklehead #1. Dennis even let us pull 3 big lemons off of his tiny lemon tree. WE GOT TO PICK FRUIT OFF OF A FRUIT TREE!!! WOOOO HOOO! Ahem. . .
When we got back inside, Dennis said, “We’ve got dessert!” Then he pulled out like two fruit pies, a cheesecake, a coconut cream pie, a Boston cream pie, and tiramisu! Even thought we had just been to Izzy’s (a big buffet) we had some of Dennis’ desserts.
Yesterday, we went to second hand stores, played games, and the xylophone. In case some of you didn’t know, I am a percussionist, and am doing VERY well with the xylophone. To you teachers out there, tell Mr. Thomas he will be maybe a LITTLE impressed on my skills next year!

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